Time’s Up Ateneo 2nd Anniversary Schedule of Events

Time’s Up Ateneo is pleased to invite you to our 2nd anniversary activities! Read more about the events below. Apart from these events, watch out for our special anniversary content, to be released on our website and social media channels.

Open to everyone:

Time’s Up Ateneo will release articles on how gender-based violence (GBV) is problematically depicted in pop culture. The article series will culminate in a public lecture entitled Confronting GBV in Pop Culture. The articles will be released on our website https://timesupateneo.org

Time’s Up Ateneo will have a feminist community night called Conspiring Against the Patriarchy. Be there on Oct. 23, 2021 from 8pm to 9:30pm via Zoom. There will be a kapihan, a feminist spin on Gartic Phone, and musical and poetry performances by fellow TUA members and allies. Register via https://tinyurl.com/TUACap

Time’s Up Ateneo’s public lecture called Confronting GBV in Pop Culture will be held on Oct. 30, 2021 at 8pm to 9:30pm via Zoom. The event will discuss care, community, and how to forward anti-gender based violence in our everyday physical and discursive spaces. Register via this link: https://tinyurl.com/TUAOct30

Confronting GBV in Pop Culture will feature speakers Dr. Ninotchka Mumtaj “Taz” Albano and Bee Leung. Dr. Albano will draw attention to gender based violence implied by the objectifying gaze in pop culture in “The Look of Lust: On the violence of the gaze”, while Ms. Leung will examine the possibilities of a transformative community readership beyond the poles of cancel culture and separating the art from the artist in “Cancel Your Darlings: Towards a shared reckoning with fraught art”. The lectures will be followed by breakout kapihan sessions where audience members can have an interactive discussion with the speakers.

Time’s Up Ateneo has released a call for stories where we ask survivors and advocates to respond to the questions: How has your community shown up for you, or not shown up for you in the past? How can your community show up for you now? You may submit essays, stories, videos, poetry, visual art, recorded performances, or use any other art forms for this campaign. Submissions may be published under the author/artist’s name or pseudonym, or anonymously. Kindly email your questions and submissions to timesupadmu@protonmail.com.

Accepted entries will be published on the Time’s Up Ateneo website. When you submit, kindly let us know if you are comfortable with your work being shared on our social media (Facebook and Twitter). Please let us know too if you would like your work to be considered for a book that we are aiming to publish early next year, with support from the Southeast Asia Feminist Action Movement. We are happy to receive submissions from everyone, both from within and beyond the Ateneo community, from September 17 to October 17, 2021. For more details, read https://timesupateneo.org/2021/09/17/call-for-survivor-and-advocate-stories/

Activities that are exclusive for Time’s Up Ateneo Collective:

Time’s Up Ateneo will be commemorating the Oct. 15, 2019 rally where around 200 students, alumni, and parents gathered on campus to protest against sexual violence and impunity in the university. Only open to the Time’s Up Ateneo Collective is the internal event called Weaving TUA’s Collective Stories. This is the first session in a series of Zoom meet-ups where TUA Collective will be reflecting on the rally. We will use writing, visual art, and other creative techniques to share our memories and insights with each other.

Time’s Up Ateneo will also be celebrating Oct. 17, 2019, which is the day the organization was founded, by having a feminist horror movie night. After the movie, we will hang out and also play Gartic phone games. This event is exclusive for Time’s Up Ateneo Collective and their friends.

Time’s Up Ateneo will also hold a legal empowerment workshop entitled Upholding Survivors’ Vision of Justice: Legal Empowerment Workshop for Advocates. The topics that will be covered are: survivors’ legal options under the Safe Spaces Act, Anti-Sexual Harassment Act, Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act, etc; how survivors can be protected against threats of libel charges and other forms of retaliation; how advocates can support survivors who are deciding on their legal options or survivors who have filed administrative or legal cases; and how advocates can uphold survivors’ vision of justice. This event is only for Time’s Up Ateneo Collective.

Not a Time’s Up Ateneo event:

Although it is not a Time’s Up Ateneo event, the calendar includes the BTS PTD online concert as Time’s Up Ateneo has very loyal BTS fans! 💜

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