Call for Survivor and Advocate Stories

Call for Stories for the Time’s Up Ateneo Website

In time for its second anniversary in October 2021, Time’s Up Ateneo is once again making space for all survivors, advocates, and their stories, told and untold.

Through this year’s call for stories, Time’s Up Ateneo hopes to promote supportive and caring communities for survivors and advocates.

We invite you to share your stories revolving around the questions:

How has your community shown up for you, or not shown up for you in the past?
How can your community show up for you now?

Survivors and advocates are encouraged to submit on any related topic/s of your choice, which may include but are not limited to:

  • supportive or unsupportive responses you’ve received as a survivor or advocate (in person, on social media, from professionals, etc.)
  • victim blaming
  • bullying (online or in person)
  • enablers of abuse
  • gaslighting
  • care practices and caring communities
  • support systems
  • personal and community resilience
  • community accountability
  • the above issues especially as experienced by survivors or advocates facing marginalization on the basis of gender, disability, class, race, etc.

You may submit essays, stories, videos, poetry, visual art, recorded performances, or use any other art forms for this campaign. Submissions may be published under the author/artist’s name or pseudonym, or anonymously. Kindly email your questions and submissions to

Accepted entries will be published on the Time’s Up Ateneo website. When you submit, kindly let us know if you are comfortable with your work being shared on our social media (Facebook and Twitter). Please let us know too if you would like your work to be considered for a book that we are aiming to publish early next year, with support from the Southeast Asia Feminist Action Movement.

We are happy to receive submissions from everyone, both from within and beyond the Ateneo community, from September 17 to October 31, 2021.

We look forward to your stories!

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We stand with survivors.

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