Who We Are

A community engaged in survivor-centered, trauma-informed advocacy.

Our community stands with survivors and follows their lead. For us, this means that we welcome all survivors and advocates into our community, understanding that we each have our unique experiences, responses, and perspectives. We also believe that our advocacy and community building efforts should be survivor-centered and trauma-informed. As advocates, we wish to understand survivors’ vision of justice and healing, and to the extent that they wish and that we can, help them realize this.

Since October 2019, Time’s Up Ateneo has been engaging the Ateneo de Manila University administration in its efforts to transform the institution’s responses to sexual violence in the university. As a community, we have support groups for survivors and advocates, and conduct community care activities, including focused group discussions, reading groups, and writing workshops.

Time’s Up Ateneo envisions itself as both a psychosocial support system and advocacy group. We believe that the survivor-centered approach should inform all aspects of our advocacy.

If you are interested in joining our community, kindly get in touch with us via emailFacebook, or Twitter. You can find more information on how to join our cause here!