Time’s Up Ateneo Honors Survivors and Protesters with Flowers, a Collective Poem, and Postcards

(Photo of Time’s Up Ateneo’s memorial flower pot honoring the protesters in Ateneo)

Time’s Up Ateneo (TUA) is celebrating the third year anniversary of the Oct. 15, 2019 protest in Ateneo de Manila where around 200 students, alumni, teachers, and parents gathered in the campus to protest against sexual violence and impunity in the university. A few days after the protest, specifically on Oct. 17, 2019, Time’s Up Ateneo was born.

On Oct. 15, 2022, TUA honored the protesters by offering flowers at the protest site and distributing postcards to the Ateneo community and inviting them to write to survivors and protesters. The postcards will be published on TUA’s social media sites (Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TimesUpAteneo or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timesupateneo) and read aloud in future TUA events. The flower pot also has a QR code to TUA’s website where everyone is invited to post text, pictures, videos, links, music, etc about the 2019 protest on the online remembrance wall at timesupateneo.org.

TUA continued the day by holding an internal event for its collective where members created a collaborative poem inspired by the flower memorial pot. The result is this poem:

For those who protested here
by Time’s Up Ateneo

For those who protested here,
for those who cut their classes or skipped work to protest,
for alumni who went to campus,
for those who protested from afar,
for those who wrote statements in support of the protesters,

for those who protested by saying no,
for those who protested by posting on social media,
for those who suffered in silence,
for those who gave voice to that silence,
for those who had to say no over and over,
for survivors of any kind of abuse and violence,
for survivors who filed administrative cases,
for those who were discouraged from filing,
for those who sought refuge in community,
for those who were not believed,
for those who built a community of believers,
for those who feel like they don’t have the words,
for those who found they had the words when they thought they had none,
for those whose names and stories the institution seeks to forget,
for those who continue to be silenced,
for those retaliated against,
for the survivors who feel erased,
for those dismissed as hysterical, overemotional, and mad,
for those painted as “difficult” and “divisive” for speaking up,
for those who stayed and those who left,
for those who told the truth,
for those who inspire us to victory,
for those who couldn’t fight,
for those who have lost,
for those who bring hope,
for those who console us,

we wish for justice,
we honor you,
we stand with you,
we walk with you,
we will be your community,
we will celebrate our wins even when the institution tries to claim them,
we recognize the price you paid for your courage and compassion,
we hold space with you,
we are rooted in your truth,
we grow with you,
we will tell your stories—there are many ways to tell them,
we love you.

We resist by remembering.

Call for Postcards

Is there anything you’d like to tell survivors or protestors? Save TUA’s digital postcard on your phone and post it with your write-up on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag Time’s Up Ateneo! If you tag TUA, please know that they might be republished on TUA’s channels. You can also send it to TUA via private message on social media.   

Here are the templates for the IG and Facebook stories:

We also invite the community to post text, pictures, videos, links, music, etc about the 2019 protest on the online remembrance wall at timesupateneo.org.

Scan the QR code or visit timesupateneo.org. Post on social media with hashtags #RemembranceIsResistance #TimesUpAteneo

About Time’s Up Ateneo

Time’s Up Ateneo (TUA) is a collective of survivors and advocates fighting against sexual violence and impunity in Ateneo de Manila and beyond. TUA envisions itself as both a psychosocial support system and an advocacy group. As a community, TUA has support groups for survivors and advocates, conducts community care activities, as well as may provide referrals for further psychosocial and legal support.

TUA was founded on Oct. 17, 2019, which was right after the Oct. 15, 2019 protest in Ateneo de Manila where around 200 students, alumni, teachers, and parents gathered in the campus to protest against sexual violence and impunity in the university. TUA continued to stage several protests after that. The collective then developed a trauma-informed and survivor-centered advocacy work, and TUA’s efforts include pushing for institutional reforms, supporting survivors and advocates, and calling for a community approach to addressing sexual violence.

Time’s Up Ateneo is independent from Ateneo de Manila. TUA created the organization in response to Ateneo de Manila’s failures in addressing the issue of sexual violence in its campus. Please do not credit TUA’s work to Ateneo de Manila.

Get Involved

Regularly check TUA’s 2022 online calendar for updates: https://tinyurl.com/2022TUAOnlineCalendar

Ways to get involved in Time’s Up Ateneo’s cause https://timesupateneo.org/get-involved

Sign up for TUA’s mailing list for public events at: https://tinyurl.com/MailinglistTUA

Donate to Time’s Up Ateneo

Survivors and advocates deserve a community that supports them and their push for change. However, many survivors and advocates who are part of or who reach out to Time’s Up Ateneo (TUA) struggle to pursue justice through legal, administrative, and community-based means, and to defend themselves from retaliatory actions. TUA believes that we as a community should recognize and help provide the resources that survivors and advocates need, including psychosocial support, legal counsel, and capacity building.

Donations of any amount can be sent to Dasha Uy’s Gcash 09175290502. Kindly write “For Time’s Up Ateneo” in the message part of your donation. You can also donate via Paypal at https://paypal.me/TimesUpAteneo. For other means of donating, or if you would like to specify how your donation is to be used, kindly inquire via email at timesupadmu@protonmail.com, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TimesUpAteneo, or Twitter at https://twitter.com/TimesUpAteneo,  or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timesupateneo

For Inquiries and Updates

For inquiries, please contact Time’s Up Ateneo through email timesupadmu@protonmail.com, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TimesUpAteneo, or Twitter https://twitter.com/TimesUpAteneo,  or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/timesupateneo

Time’s Up Ateneo also posts updates on the website https://timesupateneo.org

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