One year ago today, on October 17, 2019, Time’s Up Ateneo was born.

Time’s Up Ateneo is a fruit of the movement against sexual violence and impunity at the Ateneo de Manila University. Bringing together survivors and advocates, it has consolidated various efforts that converged during the October 15, 2019 protest on campus against sexual violence and impunity.

Today, Time’s Up Ateneo is a community engaged in survivor-centered and trauma-informed advocacy. It welcomes all survivors and advocates, centering survivors’ vision of justice and healing, and helping in its realization.

It has been a busy year for Time’s Up Ateneo. Time’s Up Ateneo has been continuously assisting survivors and advocates alike in seeking justice and healing, and in fighting against retaliation.

Time’s Up Ateneo has also engaged the University administration to push for urgently needed reforms. Time’s Up Ateneo actively participated in the recently concluded Independent Review of the University’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Processes, and in the crafting of the University’s recently-passed Code of Decorum and Administrative Rules on Sexual Harassment, Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct, and Inappropriate Behavior.

At its core, Time’s Up Ateneo has worked to create a community of mutual care and support: a safe space for survivors and advocates. Time’s Up Ateneo has also vastly expanded its network, and will soon announce new collaborations and partnerships.

On the occasion of its anniversary, Time’s Up Ateneo is launching a series of commemorative activities online, in order to help us look back and look forward.

It is our honor to invite the community to participate in the following online events, which will be held through our Facebook and Twitter pages and our newly launched website,

  • Stories of Resistance, Stories of Hope: A Series of Online Testimonials about the October 15 Protest and the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement in Ateneo (19-30 October 2020) – Hear from survivors and advocates, through written or video testimonials, about the October 15 protest and the anti-sexual violence efforts that followed in its wake. The testimonials will be posted on Time’s Up Ateneo’s social media pages and website.
  • No Justice Without Healing, No Healing Without Justice: An Online Commemoration (31 October 2020) – What has the past year of struggle been like, and what is the future of the movement? Join survivors and advocates in this online discussion on the legacy of the October 15 protest, its earlier roots, and the continuing struggle against sexual violence in the University and beyond. The discussion will be streamed live on Time’s Up Ateneo’s Facebook page ( at 8:00 PM on 31 October 2020. Guests will be announced soon.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for these commemorative activities and other announcements.

Today, on its first anniversary, Time’s Up Ateneo reaffirms its continuing commitment to the struggle against sexual violence and impunity — in the University and beyond. There will be no justice without healing, and no healing without justice.

And the time for justice and healing is now. #TimesUpAteneo

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We stand with survivors.

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