Webinar on Safeguarding against Sexual Violence (with Dr. Carmen La Viña)

What do people need to know about responding to sexual violence, about being a victim-survivor, and about perpetrators? How can we, as a community, support victim-survivors? What measures should institutions implement to safeguard against sexual violence? What do we do when institutions fail to fulfill their responsibility? Time’s Up Ateneo is holding a webinar onContinue reading “Webinar on Safeguarding against Sexual Violence (with Dr. Carmen La Viña)”

Pat’s Story (Part 2)

This is one of the stories collected by Time’s Up Ateneo for its online campaign, Stories of Resistance, Stories of Hope: A Series of Online Testimonials about the October 15, 2019 Protest and the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement in Ateneo. Through this campaign, Time’s Up Ateneo hopes to generate conversation about how the school can continue towardContinue reading “Pat’s Story (Part 2)”