Time’s Up Ateneo: Timeline of Events

Initially compiled by Mark Remington Tan
Timeline until end-December 2019

Editor’s Note: This timeline will be updated in the coming days with new developments that took place in 2020, culminating recently in the conclusion of the Independent Review of the University’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Processes and the passage of the University’s new Code of Decorum and Administrative Rules on Sexual Harassment, Other Forms of Sexual Misconduct, and Inappropriate Behavior. Time’s Up Ateneo was an active participant in both the Independent Review and the crafting of the new Code.

  1. August 12, 7:30pm – Sanggunian releases a statement addressing concerns raised regarding cases of sexual harassment
  2. October 5, 7pm – The Guidon publishes “Whispers in the Silence” editorial
  3. October 14 evening – A student post about his experience of sexual harassment from an Ateneo professor sparks outrage
    1. Precedent in 2017
      1. November 24 onwards – Posts on Ateneo Rantbox spark social media outrage
      2. December 1 –  A Message from the Chair of the Department of Philosophy
      3. December 3 – The Department of Philosophy issues oral exam protocols
      4. December 18 – The Guidon editorial: #AteneoToo
    2. Precedent in 2018
      1. September 30 onwards – Posts on Ateneo Freedom Wall spark another outrage
      2. October 12 – Sanggunian files an official complaint [memo]
      3. November 24 – The Guidon article: ‘Admin, Sanggu push for formal complaints to prompt sexual harassment investigations
  4. October 14, 10:06pm – Luther Aquino posts a call for protest against sexual misconduct and impunity on his Twitter and Facebook Wall
  5. October 14, 11pm – Reese Ungson and Luther Aquino create an Event Page for the protest and invited people to join
  6. October 15, 12:11am – Sanggunian: Commission on Gender Equality posted on their Facebook wall in order to express their support for the protest and to encourage students to join
  7. October 15, 12pm – Students, alumni, and faculty members rally against sexual harassment in the Ateneo
    1. Details:
      1. Protest started at noon in front of de la Costa Hall
      2. Program: Speeches from various student groups, alumni (Ia Marañon and Dasha Uy), and faculty (Danna Aduna and Luther Aquino)
      3. The protesters marched through de la Costa, the Red Brick Road,  CTC, SEC Walk, Gonzaga Caf, then finally to the front of Xavier Hall
      4. The program continued at Xavier Hall
      5. Protest calls:
        1. Sexual predators, get out of ateneo!
        2. No silence, no fear! No harassers welcome here!
        3. Admin, tumindig! Sa biktima ay makinig!
        4. Mga guro, tumindig! Sa biktima ay makinig!
        5. Atenista, tumindig! Sa biktima ay makinig!
        6. Ateneo, tumindig! Sa biktima ay makinig!
    2. Coverage:
      1. The Guidon posts Facebook live videos (part 1, part 2) during the Protest 
      2. Rappler publishes article: ‘Our school is not safe’: Ateneo students demand punishment for sexual predators
    3. October 16 – On the Inquirer front page: “Sexual Abuse Protests Rock Ateneo
  8. October 15, 8:53pm – Statement of Current and Former Graduate Students of the Department of Philosophy Against Sexual Violence in the Ateneo de Manila University
  9. October 16 – ADMU Marketing Communications released a statement regarding the anti-sexual harassment policy; ADMU Office of the President releases a memo regarding Safe Spaces Act and the creation of an Anti-Sexual Harassment Manual 
    1. October 17, 11:35am – Sen. Risa Hontiveros responds to the ADMU UMCO statement
    2. Coverage:
      1. October 16, 2019 – The Guidon: LS further outraged after UMCO statement on sexual harassment cases 
  10. October 16 – Ateneo de Manila University Alumni Call to End Sexual Harassment on Campus
  11. October 16, 8pm –  ALSFA Statement on the October 15 Protest against Sexual Harassment
  12. October 17, 3:31pm – Comments on the ALSFA Statement on the October 15 Protest against Sexual Harassment by Danna Aduna, Rafael La Viña, Luther Aquino et al.
  13. October 17 – Establishment of Time’s Up Ateneo
    1. Details:
      1. “Time’s Up Ateneo is a coalition of Ateneo de Manila University students, faculty and alumni borne of the October 15, 2019 on-campus protest against sexual violence and impunity. It was founded on October 17, 2019 as a way to consolidate efforts against sexual violence and impunity in the university, to meet and negotiate the necessary reforms with the university administration, and to keep up pressure on the administration in the implementation of long-overdue structural changes.”
      2. “Time’s Up Ateneo embraces the common demands that have been made in the October 15 protest and in the ensuing statements of support and solidarity from different groups. These five core demands (initially four) are the following:
        1. Survivors’ welfare: Unambiguous mechanisms that will help and support survivors of sexual violence, attend to their well-being and ensure that processes promote healing instead of causing further trauma.
        2. Accountability: Immediate action on cases that have already been filed, and the review and reopening of the cases of Jesus Principe and Mary Thomas.
        3. Transparency: Public disclosure of the composition of the Committee on Decorum and Investigation, and the results of their investigations so far.
        4. Student safety: Keep sexual predators away from students. No contact hours with students for Jesus Principe and Mary Thomas.
        5. Policy: Pass a faculty code of conduct with strong anti-sexual misconduct provisions laying out clear punishments for sexual violence.”
    2. October 22, 8:51am – Coverage: Rappler covers Time’s Up Ateneo: “‘Time’s up’: Ateneo community forms coalition vs sexual violence”
  14. October 17 – Statement by Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros on allegations of sexual harassment in Ateneo de Manila University entitled “SAFE SPACES ACT DEFENDS THE HARASSED, NOT THE HARASSERS”
    1. Posted by Carmel V. Abao on her Facebook wall
    2. GMA News: “Ateneo alum Hontiveros says university ‘misused’ Safe Spaces Act in harassment cases
  15. October 17 – Statement of concerned alumni of the Ateneo de Manila University Department of Philosophy against sexual violence in the Department and in the University
  16. October 18 – Time’s Up Ateneo meets with Ateneo administration, with ALFSA coming in as an independent party
    1. October 23 – Time’s Up Ateneo statement on the October 18 meeting: “In the meeting, Times Up Ateneo called for the administration to acknowledge that their systems and processes have failed, asserted that that their investigation processes are inhumane, cold, and impersonal, and asked that they address the survivors and their hurt, distrust and experience of maltreatment by the system. Fr. Villarin’s recent statement on sexual harassment shows that he listened attentively to these concerns, and for that we thank him and trust in his commitment to continued dialogue and collaboration in our community toward eliminating sexual violence in the university.”
    2. Coverage: 
      1. The Inquirer headlines: “Ateneo bars prof accused of harassment from classes
      2. The Guidon: “Sanggu discloses negotiation efforts to reform LS sexual harassment protocols
  17. October 18 – Silent protest held concurrent with the meeting between Time’s Up Ateneo, admin, and ALSFA
    1. After the meeting, Fr Villarin directly addresses protesters: “I would like to apologize on behalf of the administration for the weaknesses. We’ll really address these weaknesses because first of all we’d like to say Ateneo’s not a space for sexual predators. We do not want to foster this culture of silence.” (October 18, 8:10pm – “WATCH: Ateneo admin apologizes, vows action on sexual harassment”)
    2. October 18, 8:56pm – The Guidon: “IN PHOTOS: Loyola Schools students gathered for a silent protest inside Ateneo on October 18 to remind the community that the fight against sexual harassment continues.
  18. Octoer 18, 5:35pm – Sanggunian requests a no-contact order between Dr Jade Principe and his students
  19. October 18, 5pm – A silent protest is held outside School Forum. The statement “ADMU Alumni Call to End Sexual Harassment on Campus” is read by Danna Aduna at the School Forum.
    1. Video of the protest by Hansley Juliano
  20. October 18, 6:34pm – ADMU Office of the President released statement re: Sexual Harassment
  21. October 19 – Statement of Support for Dr. Mary Thomas
  22. October 21 – Statement of Concerned Faculty of the English Department on Sexual Harassment at the Loyola Schools
  23. October 21 – Time’s Up Ateneo publishes a statement about the October 18 meeting with administrators
  24. October 23 – ADMU Office of the President releases an update on issues regarding sexual harassment
  25. October 23, 7:45pm – Patricia Escalante speaks up saying that she filed a complaint against Jade Principe for which the school gave a decision. She asks Ateneo to explain what Fr Villarin said in the October 23 memo.
    1. October 23, 7:51pm – Supporting statement by Boz Suaybaguio
  26. October 23, 2:55pm – Open letter to the Ateneo de Manila University community from associate professors of the English Department published on The Guidon
  27. October 24, 2:15pm – Open Letter from Time’s Up Ateneo to Fr. Jett Villarin: A Continued Discussion on the Issue of Sexual Harassment in the University Community
  28. October 24, 10:25pm – Release of CASMV & LS Gender Hub Primer and Process
  29. October 24, 11:34pm – Sexual harassment in ADMU becomes part of Rappler’s Evening Newscast
  30. October 25, 5pm – Black Friday Protest from Zen Garden to Faber Hall (School Council meeting) [protest pamphlet]
  31. October 27, 8:28pm – CASMV opens a call for complainants against professors
  32. October 30, 8pm – Sanggu starts gathering concerns on sexual harassment in the LS community for an open forum
  33. November 29, 3–5:30pm – Forum on Creating Solutions towards a Safe Ateneo (joint effort with #RespetoNaman
    1. Live tweets by Time’s Up Ateneo
    2. Post by #RespetoNaman
  34. December 6–7 – First Responders’ Training for Time’s Up Ateneo

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